O’BRIEN STEEL, Meta Tec Division


OBS, Meta Tec Division has degreed engineers, highly skilled toolmakers and machinists on staff. All members of the engineering staff work very closely with our customers’ engineers to convey beneficial information to the design of the product. Our engineering staff prides itself on being able to completely design a process for building even the most complex fabrications from start to finish. This includes:

  • redesign or re-tolerance of components
  • design and building of fixtures
  • development of welding and machining procedures
  • writing weld robots and machining programs
  • design and building of any handling equipment and shipping containers for the final product


OBS, Meta Tec Division is equipped to handle jobs of all size but our niche is the large jobs! We have three 5 axis large bridge style machining centers, including our largest machine that has 14 meters of “X” travel across its dual tables and 1.5 meters of “Z” travel. This machine’s other unique feature is a UAD head which can index in 2 axis to any position within 0.1 degree and is one of the largest machining centers of this type in the United States.

We also have numerous smaller CNC machining centers to suit any size job.


Capabilities offer cost-effective electrical, hydraulic and mechanical assembly services.

Inspection Services

OBS, Meta Tec Division has one of the largest CMMs in North America and is equipped to measure the most complex large assemblies.